Hi Sweet families!
1. Etiquette class is concluding tomorrow with a “tea” to put into practice all that the children have learned!  Miss Carla says that formal dress is optional however we will be taking lots of pictures          tomorrow for yearbook so if your child would like to dress up, that would be great!
2.  Book Club-tomorrow at 3:00!  Don’t forget your creations!  This is our make-up meeting for The Boxcar Children
Also, I will have the October books available, for those of you who ordered them.
3. Our first  service project of the year!  Goody Bags for Vanderbilt’s reverse trick or treat! We are hoping to collect 200 from our group and that is very doable…if we have 20 families provide 10 each!!! Please let me know if you would like to provide some and how many! I have heard from very few of you so far.  These goody bags are due next Monday, October 18th!  Below is a link to their wishlist/suggested donations. (coloring books, crayons, word search puzzles, playing cards, bubbles)
4. God’s World News– current events news magazine for children- (prek-1, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-9th) right now we have 4 people interested…if we get 3 more , then the price will be 14.95 per subscription… right now for 4 it is 19.95 which is still a discounted rate.  Friday, October 15th is the deadline to order this magazine!
For details, go to: https: https://www.gwnews.com/group.cfm
5.  Jackson’s Orchard– this Friday October 15th at 10:30 AM! $5 per child, parent admission free!

Fee includes hay ride, corn maze, mini pumpkin, 10 minute video on cider making, playground, apple slushy, sugar cookie and the children get to pick one apple off the trees!
Apples will be available for sale in shop as well as pumpkins
bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after tour!
This will take approx 1 hr 15 min from Hendersonville
1280 Slim Island Road Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101 Phone: 270-781-5303

Need final headcount and all money paid by Monday, October 11th!

6. Choir starts next Monday, October 18th at 2pm for ages prek and up! $12 per month

7. Fun Friday, October 22nd at 2PM!– Originally, we had roller skating on the calendar that day, but since we missed Dragon Park in September due to rain, let’s take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to Dragon Park while we can.

8.  School pictures!!!— School pictures will be next Monday, October 18th!!!  Please see Gwen Adams for an appt or e-mail her at       gwen.adams@yahoo.com…This will be used in our yearbook so don’t miss out!  More details tomorrow!
9. T-shirts will go on sale next week!  They are going to be soooo cute!!!!  More details to come but will be approx $15…please see Robbin Dill for more details!
10. Yearbooks will go on sale next week as well!  More details to come!
11.  Seussical the Musical by NCT-tickets are $7!  Only a few seat left!  All money is due by next Monday, October 25th!!!
12. Huntsville Space and Rocket Center– If you are planning to attend this trip, please let me know ASAP!  We are at 8 right now, and if we do not have at least 20, I will need to cancel.  $25 per person for a guided tour, IMAX movie, 1 hour class taught by a scientist, lunch, and free time to explore the museum on our own as well.
13. I will be sending out a sign-up sheet soon for our Halloween party goodies…be on the lookout!
I think that is it for now!


1. Lego Building  Club this Monday at 3 at Long Hollow! Please bring in your decorated boxes filled with your legos!  Miss Nicole will also be introducing a new memory verse program for each letter in LEGO and the children will earn prizes for memorizing the verses!
2. Bud, Not Buddy at the NCT this Tuesday!  I will be collecting money this Monday!  $7 per ticket-please respond to the evite!
3. Fun Friday, October 8th at the Bonita Pkwy fire station at 2:00!  Please reply to the evite!
4. First Service project due October 18th! Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital has a reverse trick or treat for their kiddos and we are going to provide them with the goody bags to pass out!  We need to collect 200 goody bags in order to cover all children.
Candy is not allowed!
Crayola brand crayons, markers, colored pencils
construction paper
coloring books
puzzle books
playing cards
This is very doable!!! If 20 of us provided 10 goody bags (filled) each, that would be 200!
Please let me know if you would like to participate and how many you will provide!
5. Book Club has been rescheduled for Monday October 11th (This is the make-up for September and we will be discussing The Boxcar Children)which means there will be no PE that day. (I do have a mom who has stepped up to be my substitute in the future(Thank you Sanchel!) so that I will not have to reschedule again if ever I or my children are sick or cannot be there.
6.  I have the October books for book club and will be passing those out Monday.
7.God’s World News– I have 3 interested so far! If we have 7 or more (can be different age levels), we can get the $14.95 rate.  Please let me know if you are interested ASAP!  This is a Christian current event news magazine for children, Prek-1st, 2-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th and up.
8. The deadline to register for choir is Monday, October 4th! $12 per month.  Right now, we have 5th and up choir at 12:00, Prek-4th at 2:00, however, we must have at least 5 in each age group to offer separate classes.  If we do not get that, then we will have one combined class
9.  Etiquette regarding field trips:   I would ask that if you reply yes to the evite, please understand that you are committed!  Do not respond until you can commit fully…I understand that sickness happens, but please do not take the “something else better came up” attitude!!!  Our trips are number dependent and backing out at the last minute can affect the whole group!!!!
Also, I have asked for no maybes in the evites and yet I still receive them…  Please, do not reply Maybe to the evites…I cannot respond to the zoo, or any other business that we “might” have 50 but we “might” only have 20!!!  Maybes do me no good!  Do not respond until you can say yes or no!
One of the benefits of forming a hs group, is that we can go together for field trips and therefore qualify for a group rate.  That cannot happen if we all “march to the beat of our own drum” and quite frankly is more than a  little frustrating to me when I take the time to make these arrangements!!!
Thank you for your cooperation!
10.Huntsville Space and Rocket Center– we are scheduled for the Ultimate Field Trip experience on Friday November 12th arriving at 10 AM-
This includes a guided tour, Imax movie, a class on the moon taught by a scientist, hamburger lunch box (or veggie burger) and free time to explore on our own.  This is expected to be an all day field trip.  The cost will be $25 per person child or adult.  While this is our priciest field trip of the semester, it is going to be a blast and is a great deal compared to the individual prices of these activities.  The Narnia exhibit will be $15 extra if you choose to view it as well, but it is totally optional.
We must have a group of 20 or more to get this rate!
No passes can be combined with this deal.
This package cannot be broken up to have some opting out of lunch etc.
We are basically getting the lunch and class for a few dollars each.
I will be sending out an evite about this later tonight. I must have all money collected and a final headcount by November 1st!  No Exceptions!!
11. Finally, I would love to take advantage of this great fall weather and plan a “movie in the park” kind of experience sometime soon for all of our families, however, I do not have the projector that we would need…does anyone have one or have access to one?
If so please let me know!
I think that is it for now!
Happy Friday!

Hatcher Dairy Field Trip

Don’t forget!  This Thursday, we will visit Hatcher Dairy!
6561 Arno Road, College Grove, TN 37046
Our tour begins at 9:30…please arrive no later than 9:15!
We will meet at the store for check-in.
Please allow plenty of time for rush hour depending on where you are coming from.
Below is a link to their website and you can find directions, lesson plans to correlate to our trip, and also info on items they sell in their store to include sandwhiches on fresh baked bread!  Feel free to purchase your lunch from their for our picnic if you prefer!
See you there!

Class Procedures

**Please remind your children that Long Hollow has been gracious enough to allow us to use their classrooms and that we should respect their facility!
A few procedures to help things run more smoothly tomorrow and to alleviate congestion in the hallway:
1.No running. (inside)
2.Remember to pick up after yourselves.
3.As you arrive, please remember to sign your child in and notate how you can be reached if needed.
4.If you arrive early to class, please wait in the mom’s room until the prior class has dismissed.
5.Also, we will be giving your child a nametag marked with which classes they are attending.
6.For moms who are concerned about “class change” for those enrolled in multiple classes, we will have  2 moms as “floaters” each week available to handle check-in and to pick up children at the end of class and walk with them across the hall to the next class.
7.If your child is not attending the next class, then your child will be brought to the mom’s room where you can pick them up.
8. I will have a sign-up sheet available for you to pick which Monday you would like to volunteer as a floater, everyone who signed their child up for classes is required to volunteer…we should only have to volunteer 1 or 2 times per semester…on the other weeks, you are free to leave while your child is in class.
9. The floaters will also serve as helpers to our PE, Lego Club, and book club teachers if they need it.
Hopefully this will help  things run more smoothly!  Thanks for your cooperation!
Be sure to check the sign-in table as I will have field trip sign-ups, MNO etc.

PE and Choir

Hi Sweet Families!

Schedule Change!!!
1. P.E.- we have had a schedule change for PE.  It will not be at 11:00 every Monday.  Instead, PE will be on Mondays at 3:00 except for Lego (1st) and Book Club days (last).
For ages 2nd and up!!  Free
Now enrolling!  To register your child, please e-mail me and let me know that you would like to sign them up!
Class will start this Monday at 3:00 and they will be learning/playing sand volleyball.  Bring a water bottle and dress accordingly.
If we have any moms that would like to do some structured play for the Prek, K, and 1st grade class, please let me know!
For questions regarding this class, you may e-mail the teacher, Gwen Adams directly at gwen.adams@yahoo.com
2. Choir- now enrolling!!  $12 per month (collected at the first meeting) Must have at least 5 in each age group
Choir will begin October 11th for ages Prek and up!   Grades 5 and up will be at 12:00, PreK to 4th will be at 2:00
They will begin by rehearsing for our Christmas program!
To register, e-mail me and let me know that you want your child in this program!  Next semester they will be rehearsing for the end of the year program!
I will be sending out several more announcements soon so I apologize in advance for cluttering up your inbox, but there is lots to announce!

Unfortunately, we will need to reschedule this for another day due to rain!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you Monday for classes!!!

To all of you Lego club members:

Your first meeting will be this Monday, September 13th at 3:00!
Please bring a shoe box to decorate and glue, glitter, stickers or any other supplies your child would need to decorate his/her “lego box”.
For the first meeting, they will be decorating their boxes and this is what they will bring their legos in for the future meetings.